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Intelligent operation and maintenance system

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With the continuous advancement of society and the continuous improvement of people's safety awareness, security construction has gradually become the top priority of urban construction. Community monitoring construction, road monitoring construction, and social monitoring construction are in full swing in every city, and are constantly improving.

The current monitoring construction is generally divided into two categories:

First, Party A directly buys out the monitoring system, including hardware equipment, integrated systems, etc., and the construction party purchases and guarantees the stability of the equipment before the construction handover, and the later operation and maintenance of Party A's additional bidding form is generally applied to most small and medium-sized enterprises. For the construction company, the construction party mainly pays attention to the profit generated in the early stage construction. The main cost arises from the procurement, construction and operation and maintenance of the hardware and software equipment. The operation and maintenance cost during construction and construction is less fluctuating, and the cost of hardware and software equipment accounts for the majority. The builders generally increase the profit by purchasing cheap equipment, only pay attention to the integrity of the equipment before acceptance, and do not pay attention to the long-term use of equipment. stability. This brings a huge amount of work for the later maintenance, and the maintenance cost is greatly improved.

Second, Party A rents the right to use the monitoring points in the form of purchasing services. The construction party guarantees the stability of the business during the lease process of Party A. This form is generally used by large operators such as telecommunications, China Unicom, and broadcasting and television. Party A pays or deducts the rental fee according to the integrity rate during the use of the system. The integrity rate involves average time between failures, average failure recovery time, and so on. In order to improve the quality of the service and improve the system integrity rate, operators generally use stable equipment, a large number of maintenance personnel, patrol at any time, find faults in time, and timely repair. The main cost arises from the large labor costs incurred when the maintenance system is stable.

Because the urban video surveillance system has a wide application range, a large number of devices, a large scale, and a too scattered installation location, relying solely on labor, it can only be based on spot checks and periodic inspections, resulting in undetected problems and incompleteness; Large, comprehensive inspection work intensity; resulting in inefficient results, lagging, unreliable; according to the different technical capabilities of different maintenance personnel, may produce a lot of useless work, increase operation and maintenance costs. The improvement of the system's integrity rate requires a large number of personnel, and even a large number of personnel, the improvement of the system integrity rate is not obvious.

At the same time, it is counted by manual management alone, and the evaluation of operation and maintenance services lacks objective data and assessment criteria.

In this context, in order to solve the shortcomings caused by manual operation and maintenance, Hengxin and An'an anti-intelligent operation and maintenance system emerged as the times require, greatly reducing the operation and maintenance costs, improving the operation and maintenance efficiency, and increasing the profit margin for customers.

system introduction:

Hengxin and Anan anti-intelligence operation and maintenance are derivative products of security system. In order to reduce operation and maintenance cost and improve operation and maintenance efficiency, real-time monitoring of the operation status of security system, timely detection of faults, intelligent judgment of fault types, timely reporting of faults by maintenance personnel Timely maintenance, record and statistical faults, form operation and maintenance statistical reports, easy to summarize.

The system consists of parts: transmission part, detection equipment, operation and maintenance platform.

Transmission part:

Including network management optical transceiver, network management switch: responsible for the stable transmission of video, data and other resource signals, as well as a series of signals collected by the transmission detection equipment to the operation and maintenance platform for analysis and processing of the operation and maintenance platform, timely detection of faults.

Testing Equipment:

Real-time monitoring of the operation of the equipment in the front-end equipment box, and the first time to find the fault, including whether the video is interrupted, whether the fill light is normal, the power is cut off, the equipment box is illegally opened, the temperature is detected and controlled, and the equipment box can be controlled. Voltage, to achieve remote power off and restart the device.

The main function:

Video signal detection: Detect whether the analog, network camera signal is normal, with or without interruption.

Fill lamp status detection: Check whether the fill light function is normal, whether the ambient fiber is normally opened when the optical fiber is dark, whether the environment fiber is normally closed when it is bright, and the fault is found in time to save energy.

Power off fiber: Check whether the power supply voltage of the device is normal and whether the transmission fiber is normal.

The equipment box is illegally opened for detection: the equipment box is prevented from being opened by illegal elements. If it is illegally opened, an alarm is issued and reported to the operation and maintenance platform.

Temperature monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the temperature of the equipment box, when the temperature is too high, an alarm is issued.

Fan control: Intelligent control device box fan, when the temperature reaches the high temperature threshold, the fan is automatically turned on to cool down. When the temperature returns to normal, the chassis fan is turned off, the temperature inside the chassis is intelligently adjusted, and the fan life is greatly improved, and the stability of the device operation is improved.

Remote restart: It can control the power supply of the front-end chassis in the equipment room, restart other devices such as cameras, and improve the recovery efficiency when the device crashes.

Operation and maintenance platform:

The operation and maintenance platform consists of a combination of hardware and software for receiving and analyzing signals transmitted back by the front-end detection device. Provides real-time monitoring of equipment operation status, fault analysis and timely alarm, mobile APP linkage, fault processing flow tracking, statistical analysis of fault processing results, etc., with good compatibility and convenient construction and upgrade capabilities.

Real-time monitoring of equipment operation status: Real-time display of equipment working status, including video, temperature, optical power, power supply, etc., by analyzing the monitoring signal of the monitoring equipment.

Fault analysis and timely alarm: When a fault occurs, a fault handling list is formed in time, including information such as the location of the device, the time when the fault occurred, and the description of the fault phenomenon. The sound and light alarm, pop-up window, etc. can be used to alert the equipment room to the fault, which needs to be processed and manually confirmed. Maintenance personnel can also handle the failure to generate automatic forwarding maintenance personnel.

Mobile APP Linkage: Maintenance personnel can install the mobile APP software, receive the details of the repair failure through the software, and record the maintenance information to complete the maintenance process. The operation and maintenance platform can forward fault information through the external network. If the conditions for connecting to the external network are not available, the GSM module can be used for forwarding. The forwarding process only forwards fault information, which is safe and reliable.

Trouble-shooting process tracking: When a fault occurs, a fault handling ticket is formed. As the maintenance personnel processes the fault, the fault handling list is continuously improved until the fault is completely removed, and the fault handling single is terminated and saved as a maintenance record.

Diversified query statistics: All generated maintenance records are available for query, and statistical reports can be automatically exported according to different conditions to provide objective data for evaluation of operation and maintenance services.

Powerful system compatibility: Manages our network management equipment and other companies' SDKs. At the same time, it can also provide external interfaces and access to management platforms at all levels to facilitate the management of superior platforms.

Convenient system setup and upgrade capability: The operation and maintenance platform adopts the B/S architecture. After the server is built, the user can access the platform through the browser. The upgrade and update platform only needs to upgrade the server software, which is simple and convenient.

Product Features:

Hengxin and An'an anti-intelligent operation and maintenance system make up for the high cost and low efficiency caused by relying on manual operation and maintenance. It is a powerful means for intelligent management of operation and maintenance, reducing operation and maintenance costs, improving operation and maintenance efficiency, and ensuring system operation efficiency. Important tools and guarantees.

Hengxin and Anan anti-intelligent operation and maintenance system includes stable and reliable transmission equipment, real-time monitoring equipment, timely processing and analysis of statistical fault operation and maintenance platform, through the entire monitoring system including equipment status, video function, fill light function, power off All-round monitoring of fiber-breaking, equipment box status, temperature, intelligent fan, etc., to ensure timely detection of faults; through remote power-off, the generation of fault handling orders and the linkage of operation and maintenance personnel APP to ensure timely resolution of faults. This greatly improves the integrity of the system operation, provides operators with good business security, and provides a good business experience for the terminal customers.

Hengxin and Anan anti-intelligent operation and maintenance system is a professional, automated operation and maintenance management tool and a good operation and maintenance management system.

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