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Fine 丨Hengxin and An--Professional Protection of G20 Summit

The G20 summit was an opportunity, but it was a test. With the successful conclusion of the G20 summit, China once again proved and demonstrated itself on the international stage.

During the G20 period, the summit traffic protection work and anti-terrorism prevention work appeared to be important. Among them, there were many figures of Hengxin and An. As a professional signal transmission manufacturer, Hengxin and An cooperated with Binjiang Traffic Police and related integrated companies to successfully complete the traffic. Security and anti-terrorism prevention work

Hengxin Hean is a professional transmission system solution and product provider, focusing on the transmission field, providing users with smooth and safe, intelligent operation and maintenance solutions and high-quality products. Through forward-looking research and development investment and continuous market efforts, it has a large number of Influential customer base and project case to provide stable and reliable transmission application support for cities and industries.

Through the traffic protection of this summit, the city's informationization level in Hangzhou will reach a new level. The information network coverage and information service level are leading in the world. The signal control transmission of Hengxin and An's more than 300 intersections in Binjiang District and the panoramic dome machine In the transmission, the signal transmission is safe, stable and high-speed, perfect for signal control zero error, equipment operation is trouble-free, ensuring network security and stability, Hengxin and An are managed in important areas such as traffic lights, electronic police, roadside bayonet and monitoring. It plays a vital role in creating a fine network and quality engineering requirements, and achieving a fine and close connection with the Binjiang traffic police. In the anti-terrorism prevention of four large bridge and tunnel facilities in Qiantang River, Hengxin and An Equipment ensure that the image of each bridge is 24 hours real-time, uninterrupted and error-free. The company is doing fine, practical and position-based work. , proactively predict the needs of various customers.

Through the G20 Summit, Hengxin and An showcase advanced transmission services and first-class professional technology to ensure the smooth progress of all work and at the same time inspire us to develop into a broader and more professional field.