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Community video (wireless) monitoring solution

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Video surveillance is no stranger to people. You can see a variety of monitoring equipment in roads, buildings, stadiums, and residential areas. At present, traditional video surveillance relies on wired networks. With the rapid popularization of video surveillance, there are obvious defects and deficiencies based on traditional wired monitoring networks.

1. The layout is limited. The selection of monitoring points is generally close to the wired access point, which restricts the flexibility of the distribution.

2, the layout of the project is large, the need to lay the network cable and fiber, the basic network engineering volume is large, and the cost is too high.

3. The engineering cycle is long, and laying the basic network is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

4. Lack of flexibility, inconvenient expansion and adjustment, will increase the amount of engineering and unnecessary waste of basic network construction.

5, lack of mobility, this is a congenital defect of the wired network.

Although traditional cable video surveillance still occupies half of the surveillance market, no one can avoid the development of wireless surveillance, especially in the “safe city”, comprehensive construction of “social prevention and control system”, “wireless city” and other large-scale system engineering. Under the impetus, wireless monitoring applications are no longer focused on special industries such as public security, forest fire prevention, electric power, oil fields, mining, etc., but extend more applications to traditional areas such as transportation, tourist attractions, streets, large communities, and schools.

In this process, Hengxin and Ang, relying on the successful experience of its products in a wide range of applications in a wide range of industries and rich wireless link planning experience, Far East Communications wireless monitoring solutions in tourist attractions, campuses, villas, streets, small communities Such successful applications as traditional fields have been recognized by customers.

Hengxin He'an has launched a wireless video surveillance solution for large communities. The solution realizes the sharing of large-scale community security systems through advanced wireless network security systems and advanced video surveillance technology, providing necessary security for people's work and life. .

Large-scale communities include both new types of communities, old towns, and remodeled old towns, all of which are complex. The new community environment is beautiful, the planning is modern, and the roads in the old city are intricate. If the traditional wired line-of-sight monitoring scheme is bound to cause environmental damage, the wireless video surveillance solution is a very good choice. First of all, the construction is simple, only need to set up the wireless base station and antenna, you can install video points anywhere in the wireless coverage; secondly, the scalability is strong, you can increase, decrease or change the position of the network monitoring point at any time according to the need; Third, easy to use, can view images on any computer in the network, and even monitor remote video on the move; Fourth, the transmission range is wide, can provide communication speed from 64Kbps to 54Mbps.

In the wireless monitoring solution provided by Hengxin and An Company, wireless network planning plays an extremely important position in this solution, because only high-quality planning can effectively realize data transmission, ensure link security, and reasonably avoid its own system. interference. The company's communication technology planning, product planning, IP address planning, backbone link bandwidth planning, equipment installation monitoring point planning and future monitoring point expansion planning constitute a complete and mature wireless network planning solution.

Based on the existing wireless monitoring solutions, Hengxin and Ang fully considered the construction of a three-dimensional security network with the large-scale system engineering such as “Safe City”, comprehensive construction of “Social Security Control System” and “Wireless City”. The wireless coverage monitoring solution with 2.4Ghz or 900Mhz frequency is an effective extension of wireless video surveillance for large communities in the future.